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On September 17th, IFTF convened its most recent gathering in our +tech series. Reality +Tech brought guests into direct contact with 4 companies defining the cutting edge of augmented and virtual reality. The format emphasized experiential demos and networking; our core ideology underlying this event was some technologies have to be experienced to be understood…you can’t talk about the power of VR or AR until you’ve seen it yourself.

Each of our 30 guests had the opportunity to try each demo in the intimate setting. The demos were:


Jaunt delivers a completely new way to present and experience video media with the first full-stack hardware and software solution for cinematic VR.  Jaunt enablies omnidirectional 3D cinema experiences.

The Demo: Jaunt provided demos on the Oculus Rift showing several clips of cinematic VR content demonstrating a variety of the many applications of their technology.

Sense Earth:

SenseEarth renders a view of our cities reduced to their blueprints and 3D renderings— the bare geometry of gargantuan human constructs of buildings, roads, and infrastructure.  Explore the world by entering your desired address and then seeing it in 3D.

The Demo: Empowered by the Oculus, SenseEarth offered guests the freedom explore the world in first person.  Guests viewed never before seen perspective of their neighborhood, re-acquainted themselves with local eateries and places, and soared wayward to visit distant lands.  As one guest put it, “It felt like I was superman.”


Meta’s augmented reality glasses enable users to see the physical and holographic worlds merge through a 3D stereoscopic display in real size, depth and parallax. Meta makes you feel like Tony Stark in real life- capable of seeing and controlling the virtual juxtaposed over the real.

The Demo: Guests were guided through their paces with Meta’s dev kit, experiencing such things as picking up and grasping virtual objects, popping virtual balloons, and typing their names on virtual keyboards floating before their eyes.


Matterport is an end-to-end platform for 3D scanning places, processing the data, and then transforming the data into a completely immersive and interactive 3D rendering of the place, using real photos.

The Demo: Using the Oculus, guests explored a mind-blowingly photorealistic canyon that had been captured using Matterport’s 3D scanning cameras.


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